Thursday, 30 July 2015

Strawberry and Banana, Dairy Free Smoothie

 Smoothies are great! I have recently been obsessed with them after I perfected my recipie.
 I am going to share with you my way to make smoothies which includes absolutely no dairy. I am not intolerant to dairy products but after realising the negative impact on health that dairy can have I decided to avoid it. One of the main issues with dairy, especially full fat milk is all the fat! This obviously isn't a good thing. Secondly is the hormones present, again especially in milk.  None of this sounds very appealing and I know that when I trialled a month of drinking goats milk my face was breakout mad. This is possibly due to increased hormone levels in my body causing spots from having the milk (although this hasn't been proven scientifically).
You will need a banana, a handful of strawberries, Alpro yoghurt (its dairy free) and Alpro almond milk (its dairy free) and honey or sugar as optional. Also its crucial you have a blender although it doesn't matter what type.
 1.) Anyway here it goes! To start with chop up fresh Strawberries or you can use frozen. You could also use a selection of other fresh or frozen berries to your taste.
2.) Then chop up a banana, one should be ample. Put both the strawberries and banana pieces into the blender.

3.) Spoon in four or five spoons of Alpro yogurt. Here I used Plain but I prefer to use Vanilla for a better taste. All of the Alpro range are made without dairy and come straight from almonds or plant based products. It tastes just as good as dairy, looks like dairy and works just as good. Do be aware that it is made out of nuts (the almond version anyway!) and so if you are allergic to nuts it may not be suitable (check the labels!).

4.) Next pour in some Alpro almond milk, mines unsweetened. Use about enough to cover the ingredients in the blender. It is all approximate measures so if you want a large cup, fill it up more!

5.) Lastly put in either a spoonful of honey or a spoonful of sugar if you like yours sweet, or you can just leave it like it is. I personally don't add any as the banana gives it a nice, natural, healthy sweetness.

6.) And that's it, mix it in the blender and its good to go. Simple!
Its such an easy recipe it hardly needed instructions but I wanted to share possibly my favourite drink with you so you can make it too!
You can put it in a fancy cup with a strawberry garnish as seen above or put it into
 a sweet vintage dairy bottle and take it with you. Then no-one at all will tell its not dairy!
The only bad part is when your bottles empty!

Jasmine X
(All images are mine and I am in no way associated with brands mentioned. You should check all ingredients before making the recipe to make sure it is suitable for you)

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