Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Applying Metallic Tattoos!

So Metallic Tattoos are everywhere at the moment! They are temporary tattoos which you apply with water to the skin. The current trend is to wear them anywhere and everywhere basically! They are especially great for festivals and the Boho vibe which is so big at the moment (and has always been my favourite!). So I have been wearing the Lottie London tattoos (From Superdrug) over the summer months and instead of showing you just how I wear them (P.S. the camera did not pick them up very well in the photos - sorry for that) I am going to tell you some pointers I have learnt from my experience with them,

1.)    So firstly do not (I'll repeat DO NOT) apply them and then apply Sun Cream/Screen over the top! It does not work well, mine turned grey and faded miserably! You would think that this point would be obvious but I totally forgot about them - and as its summer, well you should wear Sun Cream all the time!
2.)    Staying on the Sun Cream theme I wouldn't suggest wearing Sun Cream even underneath the tattoos. I also tried this and they came off within a day! Yours may be different but I would just avoid putting Sun Cream around them to be on the safe side!
3.)    If like me you become lazy after appling the first one and decide to saturate the next tattoo because you believe it will transfer quicker, just don't! Water can get underneath the paper and then they won't transfer properly! I would suggest using a damp but not dripping sponge.
4.)    Don't forget to remove the clear plastic! Temporary tattoos have a clear plastic over the top which you MUST remove before applying. Even though I know this I still sometimes forget its on there (Don't laugh at me!). If you don't remove and then apply water its ruined!
5.)    Lastly if you are taking your tattoo sheets to a festival or on holiday to apply, do not forget to take scissors otherwise you can't cut them out. Again this might seem obvious but its so easy to forget!

So there you have it, my five simple rules for summer Metallic Tattoos with regards to applying them.
P.S. The top I am wearing in the photos is my all-time favourite right now so expect to see it a lot on the blog at the moment!

Jasmine X
(All images are mine)

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