Thursday, 19 May 2016

Denim Shirt, Quay Australia and a happy feeling!

So It's been over a month since I posted again! I have some exciting news this month though, like many others, I finished three years of university! I am really happy about it that after all the stress and work I have completed it -  although I am also sad that my time at University, and as a student has finished! It does however mean I have a bit more free time (for now)! I am therefore going on holiday very soon and I cant wait to post photos of my travels on here as I plan to take a decent camera with me this year (not just phone images!).
Todays post however is a short one, I just wanted to post the couple of images I had (which include windswept hair!) of my new shirt which I got from New Look. I have wanted a denim shirt for ages and never bought one - Im not sure why? I have many other denim items like a sleeveless shirt and jacket but I love this shirt it goes with everything! I never usually wear blue because I prefer more earthy tones, but I think blue looks really good with blonde hair so I'm trying to wear more of it.
I also have some new sunglasses which I really really love! They are by Quay Australia which I snapped up from minutes before they sold out (it pays to put items you are considering buying in your basket online!). They are mirrored lenses which I have never had before because I have never really liked them before now. After seeing many magazine photoshoots featuring reflections of palm trees and swimming pools in the reflective lenses however, I just had to have some for on holiday! In the photos they change colour which is really cool too, they have hints of pink yellow and black!
I hope that you like the look of the new items and for all those of you who have also finished university this month, well done and I hope you are happy too!
Jasmine X

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Hello April! ...

 Its Springtime! You probably already knew that but I am quite excited about it! Like most people I am hoping for warmer days and long summer nights, it just makes the days feel so much better and longer!

So recently I haven't had much time to dedicate to photography or blogging, especially as I am in my last semester at University (hopefully!) and so things are a bit over the top crazy with work! I did however make time to upload these which I thought screamed spring! I really loved these muted toned, purple/pink roses, especially considering they didn't have any thorns! I don't often have fresh flowers, which I have seen on a lot of other blogs and so I thought it was nice to try something different and take photos of them.

Also you have possibly noticed the new look on the blog, including my rose themed title, I decided to update the title image each month to keep things fresh!
I hope you enjoy it and I hope you are having a great Spring!
Jasmine X

(All images are mine)


Sunday, 14 February 2016

Oxford and Blenheim Palace

So in November of last year I visited Blenheim Palace and Oxford. It is such a beautiful place and there was plenty of opportunities for photos! I never had a chance to upload them before now mainly because I have been so busy with university!
I love the architecture I was able to capture, there was so much to see! Blenheim Palace is in particular an amazing place. It is so grand and every room is decorated so perfectly! We had tea and food within the Palace orangery which felt so posh and proper and was all round lovely!
We stayed over a night and visited Oxford for the next day, which although was very very cold, was a lovely day out. In the main town they held stalls decorated with Christmas ornaments and foods alongside the many small individual shops with Oxford merchandise. We explored all the tourist sights after consulting a map; notorious with Morse and Endeavour and several other English dramas!
I would definitely recommend a visit if you are in the area, especially Blenheim Palace.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Cold, grey January days

Its late January which means the winter months are slowly moving on, with Spring in sights (sort of!). For the cold winter months which are often bleak and grey its best to spend time inside, sit down and try to keep warm! As I currently spend days at home often, working on my university assignments, my usual lunch on these cold January days is a bowl of warm soup; which I love! Its one of those elements that I really enjoy about cold days, being able to eat comfort food in a warm central heated home. I like different variations of soup and this one (shown) was Potato and Leek. I added dried herbs and crushed walnuts which added some crunch, and of course made it look nice!
I hope you are having a great January!

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Frosty early mornings!

I am posting again after months of neglecting my blog! I am at University and so things are very hectic right now! Just a quick post to say I have nonetheless decided to return to my blog and focus my posts on my love for photography and travel.
Although this winter has been quite mild where I live, last week we experienced a frost and cold temperatures, which I had to take advantage of! I went outside to take pictures in the early morning of plants in the garden. It resulted in the title image, and I found it really relaxing to be outside taking unplanned photographs of anything I saw (usually I have a plan of what to take!). It did result in cold hands and numb fingers, but nonetheless it was definitely worth it!