Thursday, 9 July 2015

Sixties styling

So my post today is about my Sixties-esque shift dress which I have fallen in love with. It isn't the most 'summer-ry' piece obviously but I cant help but wear it anyway! So with the dress I paired pieces of different textures. I was especially inspired by late sixties interior which sounds odd but there are some great textures to this interior style, wicker and wool being some of them. This is why I paired my wicker 'look' bag with the woollen dress. I also kept the colours minimal to really show off the textures.
So I love collars, the collar on this dress was really tight and so it was great for pairing with multiple necklaces (they could fit around the collar). They also really stand out against the grey and white background. I wore one gold (a River Island coin piece) and one silver (a vintage Tiffany & Co heart) to make them stand out even more. The only coloured piece I wore was a MASSIVE pink block ring which adds just enough colour, its also one of my favourite!

The shoes I paired with it are my clear glittery jelly shoes, I think they add a really fun element to any outfit and the shape is quite retro. Plus I had a pair as a child and so it is great to have an adult version! Lots of places sell these now on the highstreet in many colours.
So there you have it my lovelies a textured inspired Sixties look, I hope you like it! Next time you get dressed think about mixing textures as well as colours for an interesting look!
Jasmine X
(All images are mine and of me)

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