Sunday, 17 May 2015

Avene Skincare

So this week I was invited to a skin event at my local pharmacy where an Avene Skincare expert helped me find items for my skin. I thought I would document the items I got and to review (in time) if they help my skin and work well for me or not.
I love the little bag I got with my items in (little they say). I have only tried one Avene product before which is shown above, it is possibly Avene's  most renowned product, the Thermal Spring Water which comes in a small or large aerosol spray bottle. You can spray it on quickly or apply to cotton pads to put on your eyes or to use as a toner. I personally prefer to  spray it on after I have applied make-up as it stops my face feeling so dry after applying powders and it doesn't smudge my makeup at all.
The other items I bought were a full bottle of Clearance Expert moisturiser and TriAcneal a treatment for spots and blackheads. With the moisturiser I was instructed to use it in the morning and then the TriAcneal at night. I also got the Clearance Expert facial wash which I unexpectedly got for free! (its always good to get a freebie!) I will try all the products together soon and see if they do make a significant difference in the appearance of my skin or not. I will then also write a review after I have used them for long enough to let you all know. For now I have shown each of the products beside my French-esque mirror (Avene is French it seemed suited ...).
Jasmine X
(All images are mine and I am in no way associated with Avene)

Even my cat loves the bag!

On the left you can see the cream texture of the TriAcneal
On the right is the cream texture of the Clearance Expert moisturiser and on the left is me in my favourite mirror!

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