Monday, 20 July 2015

The British Seaside...

So recently I spent a couple of days at the seaside. It was possibly the best weekend of the year we could of hoped for with regards to the weather. It was so hot and the sun was shining the whole time, which is very unusual! It was really nice to get away and just enjoy the sun and the cobbled streets of quaint little village streets and seaside towns. The little gift shops there are great too. We are lucky in Britain that no one is ever too far away from the seaside. Even in the middle of the country it doesn't take too long to drive to the edge to reach the sea. I think that the seaside is just a great place for photos too, everywhere there are great photo opportunities. I have to mention though that the photos don't do the day justice, the sky was bright blue in real life!
The outfit I choose to wear had to include a seaside theme too, I wore my H&M crab top which I love! It is actually a crop top but I thought the weather was going to be cold so I chose to wear a white top underneath (and a denim jacket over the top) which wasn't really necessary! 

I also wore sea themed accessories including a peal tipped necklace and a shell bracelet. I decided to go all out on the seaside look. It possibly made me look very 'tourist'y' but who cares!

Sometimes it is just so nice to get away to somewhere not to far away without the stress of going on a plane etc (Although saying that I cant wait until I go to spain!) and just to enjoy the simple things in life like watching the rolling waves.
I hope you get to enjoy some sunshine this weekend too!
Jasmine X
(All images are mine)

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