Friday, 24 July 2015

The Suede/Suedette Skirt

 The suede skirt (or suedette skirt) is everywhere at the moment. It is just a great piece to write a post on because of its ability to be worn over practically any season! It looks great for summer but can work just as well in winter. The colour also helps to make it a transitional piece, as it can easily be worn with or without black tights!
I decided to pair mine with a seventies style patterned 'top'. The 'top' I am wearing is actually a dress which was very cheap from Primark. Its just short enough to be covered by my skirt which I got from New Look. Having the dress underneath the skirt actually 'poofs' out the skirt a little more which is quite good for an A-line skirt. Its also such a great way to wear a dress in more than one way.
I have seen a lot of people pair their skirt with black or muted plain colours. I think that it looks great however with a pattern. I don't believe a pattern takes away attention from the skirt and I think it actually adds to the seventies look.

 I wore a long beaded necklace tied up with this outfit. Its in matching colours of orange, blue and purple and looks slightly retro to me. I also wore one of my new Seekers of the Sun metallic tattoos from my Glamour Summer Edit Box. It says 'Follow your dreams' that's a nice motto to live by!
My little bag finishes it off, which I just love. Its so ladylike with its little handle and the patent crocodile finish looks really classy as well.

 My boots are brown platforms which are so comfy! With being really tall I don't have many occasions where I wear heels so I'm not that used to walking long distances in them! However when I wore this pair walking around in Los Angeles earlier this year, I found them really comfortable and totally ok.
I hope this gives you some inspiration to pair your suede skirt with a pattern as well as plain colours.
Jasmine X
(All images are mine and of me)

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