Thursday, 19 May 2016

Denim Shirt, Quay Australia and a happy feeling!

So It's been over a month since I posted again! I have some exciting news this month though, like many others, I finished three years of university! I am really happy about it that after all the stress and work I have completed it -  although I am also sad that my time at University, and as a student has finished! It does however mean I have a bit more free time (for now)! I am therefore going on holiday very soon and I cant wait to post photos of my travels on here as I plan to take a decent camera with me this year (not just phone images!).
Todays post however is a short one, I just wanted to post the couple of images I had (which include windswept hair!) of my new shirt which I got from New Look. I have wanted a denim shirt for ages and never bought one - Im not sure why? I have many other denim items like a sleeveless shirt and jacket but I love this shirt it goes with everything! I never usually wear blue because I prefer more earthy tones, but I think blue looks really good with blonde hair so I'm trying to wear more of it.
I also have some new sunglasses which I really really love! They are by Quay Australia which I snapped up from minutes before they sold out (it pays to put items you are considering buying in your basket online!). They are mirrored lenses which I have never had before because I have never really liked them before now. After seeing many magazine photoshoots featuring reflections of palm trees and swimming pools in the reflective lenses however, I just had to have some for on holiday! In the photos they change colour which is really cool too, they have hints of pink yellow and black!
I hope that you like the look of the new items and for all those of you who have also finished university this month, well done and I hope you are happy too!
Jasmine X