Monday, 29 June 2015

Los Angeles: A Snapshot

So I'm back from my trip to the US, more specifically Los Angeles. I didn't really have much time there to enjoy many of the sights but what I did see I really enjoyed! In this post I am basically just showing some snapshot images of my time. I had some great views of palm trees and ate some great meals (and some 'not' so nice plane food!) on my journey, which I photographed.
As for the outfits I wore I lived in an elasticated crop top and my high waisted shorts. They were just so comfy and the black top suited almost everything and looked great (I think!). My shoes were not so great. They were my leopard print, Dune London pair and looked great however as they were new I got major blisters which lasted forever! They were so painful so I've had to abandon them to the back of my cupboard until the blisters heal fully! I must have used 10 packs of Compeed blister pads! Los Angeles was a great place to shop for new clothes and outfits, I bought a G by Guess handbag I love and Michael Korrs sunglasses which were really cheap!

One of my fondest memories was when we went to Disneyland, there was the 60 years anniversary celebrations being held and so everywhere was decorated in blue and silver flags and diamonds. We spent the whole day there and we didn't even see it all! I would recommend it to everyone no matter of how old you are - I probably saw more adults and teenagers than there were children!
Overall Los Angeles was a great place and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a hot, fun filled holiday!

Jasmine X
(All images are mine)

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