Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Pastels - Not just for Spring!

My outfit today is a go to look for S/S (although summers getting close to being over *sadface). The pastel colours and statement pieces will basically work for years to come because the items never really go out of style.
So the outfit is actually another 'skirt-over-dress' look! I wore my lace dress underneath a pretty floral skirt (which I have had ages) because I prefer the dress as a top! I also wore my old faithful denim jacket - you just cannot beat it. Denim Jackets go with literally anything and everything and beat the struggle people in England know all too well in the summer. Its knowing what to wear when often its too cold for bare arms but too hot for cardigans!
 On a quick note the image below of me was a trial of new camera equipment and I really liked the 'soft lighted and pretty look' it gave to the portraits! So although you cannot see my dress too well in the image I hope you like it!

My nails were painted in this amazing mint colour, it is a polish by Bijois. I got compliments about it all day because its unusual and so striking. I had never actually worn it before because I thought it would be too pale!
 I love the sunglasses I paired with the outfit, they have crystals in a V shape on each arm. They just add to the 'pretty' look created by the pastels. They are by Valentino.
The showstopper piece for me however is my Parfois bag with its landscape print on the front. Its so vibrant and looks similar to the part of Spain where I purchased it from! Its just so unusual and actually one of my favourite bags.
Finally my shoes are 'jelly type' with a slight wedge heel. They look so cute, the only problem is I cannot remember where I purchased them to let you know!

So I hope you enjoy this 'go to' easy look with its pastels and floral's. I honestly think pastels have the ability to make anyone look much younger which is a very good reason to wear them! To really set it off, pair it with bright lips and your good to go!

Jasmine X

(All images are mine, I am in no way associated with brands mentioned)

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