Saturday, 18 April 2015

Spring Outfit

So we are midway through Spring practically and some days in the UK can be very warm whereas others turn out to be quite cold. Picking an outfit therefore is difficult when the weather changes so suddenly! This outfit of mine is one that includes a skirt for warm days however it also includes a (mid-way sleeved) jumper, encompassing a spring flowery print. I think this look is perfect for in-between days as the jumper is warm and the skirt can be worn with or without tights (depending on how warm it is).
I added a small, handled lady-like bag which I love and these type of small bags are totally on-trend right now. I also added spring like accessories including my flower ring which is massive, and a Tiffany Bracelet which looks simple but effective. My shoes are new they are jelly shoes created by the company Mel. All their shoes (that I am aware of) are created to smell of raspberry! They still smell great! I think that they add such a fun element to an outfit and I am pretty much in love with all the shoes this brand makes!
While taking the images I was enjoying my morning coffee in my favourite vintage looking mug! This print is everywhere now! Its also the mug I always use at home its so cute and worth a mention! (Random I know!)
Jasmine X

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